Why buy local?

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Sep 22, 2020

Why buy local?

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On 15 September, the GTP hosted the first edition of the business webinar series for Bellville Connect. The webinar unpacked the importance of the buy-local movement and how the buy-local mindset can be a lever to build businesses and stimulate economic recovery after the COVID19 lockdown crisis.

GTP CEO Warren Hewitt was joint by a panel of thought leaders who each added their unique perspective to the discussion. Panellists were:

Eustace Mashimbye – CEO of Proudly South African, who explained how the employment trajectory of countries that focus on manufacturing and industry has risen.

Friedrich Meisenholl – Regional Manager Business Partners Ltd, explained that their organisation assists existing businesses with financial solutions to sustain and grow their businesses. This can be across any industry. They are partners in the management of the Sukuma Relief Fund.

Hardus Zevenster – Bloudruk Media, who believes that there are multiple opportunities for entrepreneurs right now. As the marketplace shifts and changes. Local joint ventures and networks are at the core of the Bloudruk Media Group’s  success as a business and he advises businesses to stay highly active in their local space because it will directly contribute to their success.

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