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The urban gardens project is a collaboration between the GTP, Voortrekker Road Corridor Improvement District, social upliftment NGO MES, and urban gardens consultancy GrowHow. It is designed to breathe life into public spaces in the Bellville CBD and to create awareness of how the area is being revitalised. To achieve this, we implement various activations aimed at promoting the use of public space, including creating and maintaining urban gardens in the Bellville CBD.

Bellville is a business-driven area with thousands of people moving in and out of its public spaces daily. And yet, even with the high influx of people and community growth, pride, ownership and interest in the local environment is limited.

One manifestation of this is the dilapidation and decay of some of the parklets and garden beds in the Bellville CBD — often a symptom of limited resources and neglected maintenance. We set out to change this by implementing an urban greening upgrade project, replanting the existing gardens in the area. Considering Cape Town’s constrained water resources, the gardens were designed to be water-wise, featuring beautiful and drought-resistant plant varieties that thrive with little water.

The project was delivered with urban gardens consultancy GrowHow, social upliftment NGO MES and the Voortrekker Road Corridor Improvement District (VRCID). GrowHow provided knowledge of specific plants and expert horticultural advice. The MES team cleaned around the gardens and cultivated the soil. The VRCID assisted with facilitation, implementation and will also monitor and assist with the ongoing maintenance of the garden beds.

Volunteers replanted seven small gardens located in Cross and Blanckenberg Streets in the Bellville CBD. The gardens were replaced with more environmentally-appropriate and environmentally friendly plants. Dilapidated, unhealthy plants were removed. The beds are now home to various herbal and succulent florae which are checked and maintained regularly.