Civic Centre Clock Tower

In 2019, the City of Cape Town approached the GTP to drive a project to raise funds for the restoration of the clock tower at the Bellville Civic Centre. Built in the late 1950s, the clock tower had fallen into disrepair and neglect. Time had, literally, stood still. The project was designed to start the clocks once again, and to upgrade the urban realm around the tower.

In 2021, the GTP hosted a crowd-funding campaign to secure the funds to restore the clock.

Funding goals

THE BARE NECESSITIES (this was the campaign tipping point):
To support work phase 1:
By end April 2021 – R120 000 to get the clocks working, restore the fountain and refurbish the surrounding lights



To support work phase 2:
By June 2022 – R3 850 000 to restore the gardens surrounding the clock tower and fountain


To support work phase 3:
By December 2022 – R2 500 000 to build a new community events amphitheatre in the grounds adjacent to the clock tower

We chose Thundafund for the funding platform: local, NGO-fee discount, with a solid track record.

We collaborated with Bellville’s rock royalty who agreed to endorse the campaign. We wanted to incentivise the community to be generous. With the help of Johan Potgieter at Rich Boy Clothing, we secured signed merchandise and funky gifts as rewards. We offered a sliding scale of rewards to encourage as many donations as possible.

Through the campaign, we raised around R150000 to secure the future of the project.

We’d like to give a special shoutout to all our business donors, and also to acknowledge the individuals who supported the campaign too.