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Business nodes like Bellville are enablers. They enable business owners to create jobs and workers to provide for their families. They enable connections and transitions. And they enable everyone to seek and achieve a more prosperous future.

Every component within the commercial ecosystem needs a strong pipeline of skilled talent, whether micro-entrepreneurs, small- or medium-sized enterprises or multi-national corporates — people who have the drive, motivation and ability to build businesses. Those people need to be able to access economic opportunities easily every day. On each of these points, Bellville delivers. Its businesses create jobs. Its universities create a pipeline. Its infrastructure provides access to those opportunities. With all of these elements already in place, Bellville’s importance as an economic node cannot be understated.

A successful city is also defined by its ability to provide people with affordable housing, located close to public transport, jobs and public services. This is the key to creating, clean, safe, lively, well-planned neighbourhoods where people can afford to live, work and play.


We are stewarding this process in Bellville, broadening interest in the area and attracting more investment designed to stimulate the economy, create jobs and provide opportunities for affordable accommodation that can break the legacy of apartheid spatial planning.

As a public-private partnership, we are facilitating Bellville’s urban transition, building a 24-hour economy that will inject new life into the area. We’re growing Cape Town’s secondary city, providing local opportunities that will relieve congestion and alleviate the spatial pressure on other major centres, supported by a physically and virtually connected community that enjoys a more sustainable lifestyle in a vibrant, leading African city.

Discover Bellville lays out those opportunities. It highlights the inherent potential of building on what already exists. When a strong foundation is in place today, a commitment to action and sustainable, intelligent development can only strengthen Bellville’s future.


Join us. Discover Bellville.