Social Development Assistance

The GTP works closely with NGOs in Bellville and the Voortrekker Road Corridor in delivering social development support for the homeless and vulnerable in Bellville. These projects help to create jobs, restore dignity to people living on the street, and provide opportunities to improve lives for the most vulnerable in our community. The GTP is a not-for-profit entity in itself, delivering a mandate to improve and uplift Bellville and surrounds. These and other projects all contribute towards building a cohesive community that prioritises care for every person, and helps uplift those who are economically marginalised.

Among others, the GTP has:

Facilitated the development of the first urban food garden in Bellville, helping to provide a sustainable crop of nutritious vegetables to local soup kitchens.

Introduced a community primary health care centre in the Bellville CBD.

Initiated an income opportunity for informal waste collectors.

Supported a women’s empowerment and skills development NGO while helping to make masks for first responders at the start of the Coronavirus pandemic.

If you are interested in supporting these and other social development projects, please get in touch.