Public Ablution Facilities

In 2019, the GTP conducted a survey among informal traders in the Bellville central business district (CBD) to establish their most pressing needs, and their requirements for an improved trading environment.

Three key issues emerged: the need for accessible public ablutions, more robust trading structures and improved storage facilities. This application supports the delivery of improved and enhanced infrastructure directly aligned with the traders’ needs:

  • Accessible public ablutions:
    • Currently, there are no public ablution facilities in the Bellville CBD that cater for traders’ needs. Traders are required to access facilities in nearby shops, malls and the public transport interchange, which can be unhygienic or difficult to access. In some cases, traders are not permitted to use private facilities at all. This impacts on the quality of life and dignity for traders – especially female traders.
  • More robust, safe and secure trading structures:
    • Currently, trading structures are constructed from steel frames and plastic sheets. Often these structures overhang demarcated trading spaces, which creates a negative aesthetic impact on the area. More seriously, makeshift structures leave goods open to the elements and also vulnerable to product theft or vandalism.
    • Improved storage facilities:
      • Currently, traders have limited or no facilities to store their stock. In most cases, traders need to travel long distances with their stock to their trading pitch. Aside from the logistical complexities of transporting stock every day, the lack of facilities increases the risk of goods being stolen and the risk of harm to the traders.

    In response to the results of the 2019 survey, the GTP, in collaboration with international engineering design consultancy Aurecon, hosted a series of design thinking workshops to co-create the most effective designs of the elements that would meet traders’ needs. Traders themselves participated in the event, representing the Informal Traders Association, with City of Cape Town officials and others, offering valuable insights into the problem.

    Ablution facilities

    A site has been selected and an operational model completed. A municipal services connection agreement has also been completed. The innovative detailed design and manufacture of the prototypes will be developed in the next phase.

    Trading structures

    Two prototypes for moveable and stationary structures have been developed and are ready for manufacture and roll-out.

    Storage facilities

    A need/demand survey has been completed. Research and site analysis is currently underway. Design and implementation is the next step.

    The GTP is currently seeking funding to help this project become a reality. If you see an opportunity to support the project through your company’s corporate social investment or other donation mechanisms, please get in touch.