Waste-ED waste to resource school programme at Hoërskool DF Malan

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Jun 20, 2019

In partnership with Waste-ED, we’ve been developing a pilot project that could significantly change the way schools in South Africa manage their waste. The waste-to-resource school programme is designed to introduce strategies to help schools manage their waste, tracking how much they produce, and minimising how much waste ends up in landfill.

Over the past few months, the Waste-ED team has facilitated several workshops and activations to get ready to launch. Today, we saw the idea become a reality as we introduced the first system to Hoërskool DF Malan. With the Waste-ED team, learners and school ground staff set up their new zero waste system which includes a bin system to separate all waste (paper, recyclable and non-recyclable plastics, glass and compostable food waste), a waste-to-resource depot and on-site composting. From the launch at the start of the new school term, the team and the school will track how much waste they are diverting from landfill. The school is currently sending 65% of their waste to landfill and aims to get as close to zero as possible with this new system.

By creating awareness around improper waste disposal and providing practical solutions, the system can provide the right tools to use waste as a resource.

Thanks to Waste-ED, the teachers, staff and learners from Hoërskool DF Malan and Recycle 1st for enabling this project, and for leading the way towards Bellville Zero.