Tielman Marais Park

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Tielman Marais Park is a small green space located between residential and student accommodation in the heart of the Bellville CBD. A canal runs through a ravine in the park and trees line its edges. It is an oasis in a busy environment. Due to a lack of consistent and effective management, the park has become neglected over the years, attracting negative and anti-social behaviour.

In 2020, the GTP led the creation of a Friends of Tielman Marais Park, in collaboration with local residents and urban management partners the Voortrekker Road Corridor Improvement District. The Friends group was formed as a more nimble, agile and responsive organisation that is able to act quickly to address the most pressing issues in the park. Through this group, we will see this park revitalised.

Various landscaping studies have been conducted for the park. With ongoing participation and collaboration from public and private sector participants, Tielman Marais will be restored as a positive, welcoming communal public space for everyone in Bellville to enjoy.