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This project forms part of our goal to promote a 24-hour economy in Bellville. It seeks to attract student accommodation as a major contributor to the night-time economy, promoting activity between the 5pm-11pm cycle.

We facilitate the co-ordinated development of student accommodation in the Bellville CBD. To achieve this, we initiated a student housing council, comprising students, owners of private residences and educational institutions. Through partnerships, we have also devised a way to connect students and their caregivers with validated student accommodation in the area. This helps to further promote Bellville as a student city.
Bellville hosts nine major tertiary education institutions. They are magnets for local, regional and international students seeking high quality education. While in the area, the students will need to find quality accommodation.

The student accommodation listing is a single online platform which enables students to access comprehensive details about the type and availability of accommodation within the Bellville CBD and the wider Greater Tygerberg area. Developed in partnership with student accommodation start-up, DigsConnect, the portal will enable students to easily familiarise themselves with their new neighbourhood while studying in Bellville and surrounds. Read more about our partnership with Digs Connect


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