Smart precinct management

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In 2019, the City of Cape Town issued a call for proposals to revive a 20-block precinct in Parow, Bellville’s immediate neighbour. The call sought strategic innovative, sustainable social and urban management systems to revive, regenerate and secure the precinct which has become degraded over time.

The GTP developed a proposal for smart precinct management that would consider the needs of the entire community in that area. The precinct is located on an arterial pedestrian route from the Parow Station, so has a significant role to play in the movement of around
60 000 commuters and residents into and out of Parow every day.

Our proposal considered the needs of the community at every level from the ground up, considering the basics of security, surveillance, cleansing and expanding outwards to incorporate lighting, community participation and well-being, data collection, activity curation and destination management. This intermix precinct approach ensures that the social, environmental and also financial value of the precinct is significantly improved.

Our calculations showed that implementing smart precinct management principles had the potential to increase municipal property valuations by 15% per year within nine years.

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