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Bellville presents a unique opportunity. It is a mature, easily accessible and affordable urban centre. Its investment potential is driven by the value of these distinct markers. Early investors, government and business owners in the Bellville CBD are recognising the opportunity and potential to deliver more affordable and accessible office space; higher-density accommodation for students and residents and supporting retail, entertainment and social amenities.


Bellville property trends snapshot

  • Highly attractive property prices compared with Cape Town
  • Flourishing residential market
  • Available affordable office space
  • Well-established retail sector with premium shopping centres and shops
  • Extended healthcare infrastructure and access to globally renowned medical services

Bellville attracts families moving closer to good schools and young buyers. Between September 2018 and August 2019, 75% of recent buyers were under the age of 49 years. Young adults, classified as 35 years or younger, made up almost a third (31%) of buyers. Many of these were most likely to be investing for the first time.

Property investors and residents are seeking a live-work-play, 24-hour lifestyle, to reduce congestion, reduce time in traffic and to find better investment yields. With property prices in Bellville more affordable than elsewhere, this is an opportunity for property owners, developers and investors.

Reflecting international trends, developers in Cape Town are bringing micro-apartments to the local private residential market. These units, which are 20% to 30% smaller than
a conventional-sized studio, offer affordable rental options for those wanting to live close to work.

Property investors looking to beat the low growth in South Africa are also converting commercial properties into residential offerings. At Q3 and Q4 of 2017, several Grade B office vacancies in Bellville were identified, at below R100/m2. These are prime opportunities for development into mid-market residential properties, for young professionals.


  • Rentals gradually and steadily increasing
  • Average flat rentals for both standard and upmarket units in Monte Vista, Goodwood, Parow and Bellville Central gradually increased in the past 10 years.
  • Between Q4 of 2014 and Q1 of 2015 flat rentals increased significantly by between 32% and 42%
  • Greater demand for standard flats compared to upmarket flats
  • The demand for standard flat units has been much greater than for upmarket units. Rental increases for standard bachelor, one-, two- and three-bedroom units between 80% and 130% over 10 years
  • Steady demand for commercial space and significant demand for affordable accommodation
  • Grade A office vacancy rates have been decreasing in Bellville and Cape Town CBD since 2011/2012.
  • Vacancy rates have been consistently lower in Bellville.
  • Vacancy rates for Grade B office stock in Bellville peaked in Q3 of 2011 at 13.9%, decreasing since. In this same period, the vacancy rate for Grade B office stock in Cape Town CBD was at 8.5%
  • Property values steady relative to other suburbs
  • The average price per m2 of residential property (full title) within Bellville and surrounds has remained relatively steady over the past 10 years, has kept pace with similar nodes in Cape Town.
  • Steadily growing investor confidence
  • The Annual Residential Index has increased gradually year on year for both full and sectional titles within the Greater Tygerberg Area


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