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May 28, 2020
Irene Mbula works with Kwesu, a not-for-profit organisation that teaches women sewing skills, language and other life skills. Irene has been working at Kwesu, helping to make fabric masks for essential workers in Bellville working on the frontlines of the COVID-19 support initiatives. Please support Kwesu, which helps Irene and other women there to earn an income for themselves. Give them a hand up, and a round of applause. 

I have been part of Kwesu since it started. From our support group, we decided to start a sewing club with the women. With my little knowledge of sewing, I could sew a bag, a pillowcase and a curtain. With the help of the organisation and with bought books and magazines which Kwesu bought, I started training. 

All the women were relying on me. We were three women helping each other and Kwesu provided all the equipment we needed. Soon other women from different communities started joining to learn sewing skills. I took the lead, preparing my lessons and teaching others. 

Motivated by Kwesu, I improved my skills and become a professional teacher of sewing. That was my dream come true! I helped my other colleagues to understand sewing and together we are helping our fellow African women. Right now, I can make anything, and I am able to train women, from making a pattern to making a garment. I am grateful for what Kwesu has done for me and for the women in different communities. 

At Kwesu I get food from our support group, I also get the monthly income for my teaching. Kwesu has trained more than 100 women from different communities (South Africa, Democratic Republic of Congo, Burundi, Somalia, Angola, Congo Brazzaville and Zimbabwe). I always wish Kwesu could give other women the same opportunity it gave me, as I am using my skills to earn an income for me and my family.

The lockdown of COVID-19 pandemic came as a surprise as I could not generate income for my family. When Patricia called for the masks project, I grabbed the opportunity. I am grateful for the masks project. It helps me generate an income and stay busy, not wondering about what is going on. 

My wish is for Kwesu to grow bigger and expand in different communities so that many people can benefit. Let the GTP, which helped us with the masks project get us more business so that Kwesu can reach as many women as possible. 

Let the GTP, which helped us with the mask project get us more business so that Kwesu can reach as many women as possible.

Thank you, Kwesu and all who were involved in the COVID- 19 masks project.
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