Innovate Bellville 2.0, with GTP and The Startup Hatchery

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May 24, 2018

Do you have a great idea that could bring Bellville 2.0 to life? Enter the Startup Hatchery’s Innovate Bellville 2.0 pitching competition for a chance to see your vision become reality.

What is Innovate Bellville 2.0?

Together with startup incubator The Startup Hatchery, the GTP has launched a pitching competition to surface innovative ideas that could help improve Bellville CBD. Winners will receive R5 000 in cash, plus a package of business incubation, mentorship, business development support, marketing and branding collateral, legal and intellectual property advice and other prizes. Runners up will win cash prizes and business incubation and mentorship support.

Pitch your idea and Innovate Bellville 2.0.

The competition is open to new businesses that have been operating for six months or less, and who have innovative ideas that could improve public transport, create jobs, create inclusive public spaces, address homelessness, improve health and wellbeing, manage waste, facilitate mobility, attract and retain investment and regenerate the Bellville urban centre.

Why Innovate Bellville 2.0?

Innovate Bellville 2.0 forms part of our living lab approach to the regeneration of the Bellville CBD. We want Bellville to be a test-bed for new ideas that can help us to build a vibrant, prosperous, inclusive city region. Innovate Bellville 2.0 falls directly into that approach. We’re looking forward to seeing the ideas that emerge, and seeing the winning ideas implemented in a part of our city that stands on the edge of an exciting future.”

“Innovation starts anywhere,” says Tania Cunningham, Chief Digital and Marketing Officer for The Startup Hatchery, “but we were very excited at the prospect of focusing on finding innovative ideas that could bring about real change to a defined geographical area. Innovate Bellville 2.0 will offer the winning business a solid start in life, with a chance to see their idea become a reality in Bellville.”

How to apply

Submit your ideas in a 30-second WhatsApp video to 082 936 7544 before 24 May 2018. Twenty semi-finalists will be selected from the WhatsApp pitches, who will each receive training and a pitch deck. From that group, a group of eight finalists will then be selected and invited to pitch their ideas to judges during a pitch event on 7 June.

For more information, contact