Clock Tower


The Bellville Civic Centre and its iconic clock tower has been a landmark in Bellville for more than 60 years.

Today, however, the clock stands still as a result of neglect and insufficient maintenance.

Recognising the architectural importance of the local icon, in 2019, the GTP embarked on a project to restore the tower to working condition, and to regenerate the surrounding park in the grounds of the Civic Centre. The aspirational project seeks to create a new positive public space for the people of Bellville to gather during the daytime, and to congregate for special occasions at night.

The development will feature new lighting to enhance the tower at night, with functional art designed to facilitate relaxation and social leisure. The project is planned in three phases, with various achievable goals:

The goals of the Clock Tower Project:

  • To restore the clock’s functionality
  • To upgrade the clock tower and surrounding gardens
  • To restore the tower’s presence during the day and night
  • To provide a new urban public space for people to enjoy

The restored clock tower will contribute to Bellville’s social cohesion and economic progress, and we are actively seeking partners who will help us to make that happen.