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Apr 9, 2021


As they say in the classics, time is fleeting, although the clocks have stopped in Bellville. The clocks in question are the four clock faces in the clock tower at the Bellville Civic Centre. There’s still time to donate to the Thundafund campaign to raise a minimum of R150 000 to restore the clock tower and refurbish the surrounding fountain and gardens. Pledge your support and play a part in improving Bellville’s public spaces.

Thanks to the incredible donors who have helped us raise R36 600 to date. The campaign’s tipping point is R75 000 and our ultimate goal is to raise R150 000 to complete phase 1 of the works.

Listen to the campaign coverage on Heart 104.9fm and Bok Radio.

Bellville’s national music legends Fokofpolisiekar, Die Heuwels Fantasties, Francois van Coke, Loki Rothman and Hiram Koopman, and local designer Rich Boy Clothing, have all thrown their weight behind our crowdfunding campaign to refurbish the clock tower and gardens at the Bellville Civic Centre. Go to Donate whatever you like or can afford, and you could claim some awesome rewards, from free coffees, to signed band merchandise, to a brick inlaid with the name or company logo of the donor to be featured in the design of the refurbished clock tower and fountain. Companies who want to make a CSI investment will receive a Section 18A certificate for tax purposes.

The vision for the project is to create a new public space for the people of Bellville to gather during the daytime for markets, shows and family gatherings; and to congregate for special community occasions at night.

The development will feature four working clock faces and new lighting to enhance the tower at night. Currently dilapidated and not working, the fountains will be refurbished and restored, becoming a striking centre piece with the new lighting installation. Functional art designed for people to meet, greet, relax and play will complete the design. The restored clock tower will offer a new place of community.

The funding goals

To support work phase 1: R150 000 to get the clocks working, restore the fountain and refurbish the surrounding lights

To support work phase 2:An extra R3 850 000 to restore the gardens surrounding the clock tower and fountain

To support work phase 3: A further R2 500 000 to build a new community events amphitheatre in the grounds adjacent to the clock tower

You can also make a donation directly. Get in touch to discuss how you can help. Or reward yourself with great coffee or unique bundles of band merchandise at Thundafund.