Affordable Accommodation

South African cities are grappling with the double dilemma of trying to redress their segregated past while also planning for a more urbanised future. Cape Town is no different.

If a society is to thrive, its people need to be empowered to find work. They need to be able to access safe, reliable public transport, and they need to live in decent accommodation that they can afford. For years, the city’s spatial segregation, a legacy of apartheid planning, has excluded the majority of the population from accessing convenient work opportunities and affordable accommodation. Affordable and inclusionary housing, developed around transit hubs in active economic centres, is the key to achieving more sustainable and equitable development.

We have a vision for an economically vibrant, connected community that lives, works and plays in a quality, safe and accessible 24-hour urban environment. Sustainable, intelligent densification targeted at creating affordable, decent accommodation is one of the most important elements that will support the society we envisage.

The Western Cape Government and the City of Cape Town have created a matrix of policies, frameworks and development incentives designed to address spatial inequality and facilitate the construction of affordable housing. These mechanisms need to be married with sound investments from committed developers, investors and institutions who have the visionary will to create safe and sustainable, accessible and affordable neighbourhoods in our city centres, close to transport, work opportunities and social amenities.

We have created a guide to affordable accommodation in Bellville. It serves as a valuable tool for developers seeking to maximise the opportunity for building affordable housing in Bellville, Parow and the Greater Tygerberg area. The details contained here should be used to inform development decisions that will build on the existing potential of our city, and drive the growth of a prosperous, economically active urban centre.

We look forward to building the future Bellville with you.

Download the guide to affordable accommodation in Bellville here

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