Date project started:
January 2018, opened 30 June 2018
Brief description of project

Bellville CBD has a dearth of reputable coffee shops and although there has been an increase in foreign owned facilities there are not any suitable meeting places for a quick cup of coffee.
During project meetings pertaining to the Kruskal Avenue upgrade, the flower sellers’ kiosk on Teddington Road was discussed as it had become an eyesore and was being utilised for prostitution and drug dealing. The suggestion was to demolish the glass structure and pave the area.

The GTP seized this opportunity to retain a Bellville landmark and simultaneously convert this into an express coffee bar which would, in addition serve as an information kiosk and a safe, well-lit area for meeting.

Design of the facility was completed by local architects Grow Architecture, incorporating natural elements to create an attractive and modern coffee-on-the-go environment servicing the many pedestrians and locals in the area

Depending on the success of this initial project it is anticipated that a further 2 to 3 of these express bars could be activated in other parts of the CBD.

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Teddington road, Bellville