Greater Tygerberg Partnership GTP Infrastructure and Service DeliveryIn line with National Government’s Integrated City Development Grant, the Voortrekker Road Corridor has been identified as an Integration Zone by the City of Cape Town.

The public sector will invest a significant amount of energy and resources into the integrated regeneration and development of the corridor.

Our aim is to:

  • increase the viability and long-term sustainability of public transport infrastructure and public investment; and
  • work in close collaboration with the City to drive densification and intensification through strategic investment which will encourage greater numbers of citizens to work and live here.

To achieve our aims, GTP initiated six focus areas:

Affordable Housing

We need to prioritise housing interventions that increase the density of people living along the corridor. Housing developments must incorporate affordable and mixed-income housing opportunities in well-located areas.

GTP built partnerships with key stakeholders and funding institutions in this sector.

Voortrekker Road Integration Zone Strategy and Investment Plan (SIP) and Bellville Integrated Land Use and Transport Plan (BITLUP) Stakeholder Engagement

GTP initiated relationships with property and business owners, private developers, academic institutions, shopkeepers, office workers and commuters who travel through this area daily.

Bellville Student Village

Bellville CBD should meet the needs of students and tap into the creative and innovative spirit that young people bring to the urban experience. The student village aims at promoting the buzz associated with student life by advocating the promotion of student housing, and student-focused activities.

GTP completed a student housing assessment and lobbied building owners to rethink their building usage. This study has encouraged further student housing development in the Voortrekker Road Corridor and at least two more buildings have been purchased with the intention of redeveloping them for student accommodation.

Student Shuttle

Part of the student village vision includes integrated transport options, creating greater mobility and access to activities in the voortrekker road Corridor. Improved and integrated transport would also enable the interaction of students across institutions and this has the potential for the cross-pollination of innovation and ideas.

GTP obtained buy-in from relevant higher-learning institutions and transport management from the City of Cape Town.

Voortrekker Road Corridor (VRC) Flexible Development Framework and Property Development Support

The GTP acts as a facilitator between major landowners, investors, banks, property developers and end users working towards viable investment opportunities in the area.

Our strength rests in our in-depth knowledge of the development rights and incentives in the area and we are ready to help stakeholders who wish to explore the opportunities that exist in the corridor.

Tyger Sports Science Centre

Based on the outcomes of an initial pre-feasibility study, GTP has prepared a proposal for the existing Haardekraaltjie precinct to turn it into a world-class sport facility.

We have completed the design framework for upgrading the site and presented this to the City of Cape Town Mayoral Committee (MAYCO).