Date of event:

July 2018 – June 2019

Overview of project

Terms and conditions for the prizes for the completion of the survey can be found here:

The Residential Survey focus on getting a more extensive understanding of the residential community of Bellville. The Residential communities make up a very important sector of a vibrant CBD. Therefore, what they think of their urban environment, how they interact with it and what they think they would like to see added, is vital to ensuring that downtown residents indeed stay downtown.

Complete the survey here:

By giving us your input, you also stand the chance to win cash prizes

There are over R8000.00 in prizes to be won by participants over the 4 week period with weekly lucky draw prizes awarded to both online and hard copy submissions. A grand prize of R4000.00 will be given to one lucky participant at the conclusion. Winners will be announced via the GTP’s website ( and in the media.

This survey will close at midnight on Friday 21 June 2019, and the names of our weekly winners will be published on The Greater Tygerberg Partnership website ( on Monday 8 June.

Prize winners will also be informed via email or telephonically prior to this date. Winners’ names will also be published in the Tygerburger or Northern News.

Why participate in the survey?

The residents who live in the footprint of the GTP are vital to making our area vibrant and people focused.

We are committed to promoting investment into this area to make it a live, work, play and stay destination for all to enjoy, and to attract the types of businesses that residents who live here would like to see.

We are therefore conducting this survey to get to know our residents better, and to find out what improvements or additions residents would like to see in our neighbourhood. We’d be grateful if you could take a few minutes to complete it.

If there are any questions you don’t feel comfortable answering, just leave them blank. You’ll also get an opportunity at the end to add your own comments on any topics you feel weren’t covered by the questions.


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