Date project started:
Aim of project and outcomes

Facilitate co-ordinated development of student accommodation.

Brief description of project

Research and design of strategic framework detailing availability, demands, supply of student housing assessing local and international trends and requirements. Co-ordinate and creation of Student Housing Council for the area.
The GTP is laying down a foundation of a Smart City in creating 24h economies in the study area where the day time would be the (8am-5pm) and night time (5pm-11pm). The area would therefore create an environment which accommodates not only for people working in the area but also those who study in the surrounding areas. This would then bring all age groups of society to reside within the area by creating a student-friendly neighbourhood which would offer a wide selection of accommodation to suit most/ all budgets and lifestyles. Attracting students to study and live in the area, not only requires excellent education providers and high quality campuses, but also the right infrastructure including access to internet, transport and housing. Student housing of whatever nature needs to be attractive, high quality, safe, secure, accessible and affordable.


Voortrekker Road  Corridor and GTP’s Focus Area.