Date of event:

23 June 2018

Aim of project and outcomes

As an extension of the work presented in the Culture and Public Life report (2016), Future Cape Town (FCT) focussed research efforts on identifying short term urban design concepts that will enhance cultural participation in the Bellville CBD.

The Future Cape Town team conducted over fifty surveys with individuals of various ages and ethnicities. The study focused on key spaces for urban cultural interventions, as identified in the previous report (FCT, 2016). The survey collected data on people’s perceptions of public spaces, their current activity participation in these spaces and preferences for future cultural participation.

Data from this study suggests that meaningful interventions will be those that strengthen economic opportunities as well as animate the social and cultural lives of the people groups represented in the area. To the person on the street, interventions that promote meaningful participation in the public realm are valuable as they promote and strengthen the important economic opportunities that the places provide. Well planned programming makes this possible Interventions that animate cultural representation in public spaces promote ownership and attract people, improving investment and economic opportunities for cities.

Using the outcomes from the Cultural Intervention Report and Informal Traders Report, the GTP designed an Urban Activation Calendar, which includes various activations for the Bellville CBD with the Pop-up Soccer Tournament being one of the activations.

The envisioned plan was host regular five a side tournaments in Bellville with a portable, pop-up soccer pitch. Sport unifies people across all barriers with events drawing people to result in reclaiming of underutilized street spaces in the evenings for community building activities rather than leaving these spaces dark and vulnerable to criminal activity.

Objectives of the project


  • The main objective of this event was to raise awareness and interest around place-making that meaningfully integrates and considers cultural groups and communities.
  • Reclaim public/open spaces.
  • Community cohesion.
  • To lobby for changes, and effective, achievable interventions


Brief description of project

The Greater Tygerberg Partnership hosted a one day pop-up soccer tournament at Saturday 23 June 2018 on Blanckenberg Walkway in the Bellville CBD.

A pop-up sporting event was selected as relevant to the area given the demographics and a love of sport, particularly soccer by those living in the area in addition to the timing relevance of the World Cup Soccer tournament.

The idea was to invite local members of the community and the surrounding areas to participate in a one day soccer tournament. This tournament has the ability to activate this section on a larger scale and to include passers-by to be more involved in the area which can be initiated through small scale events such as this one.

Currently, most of the informal traders and residents in the area participate in after-work soccer matches. Sport, to them like for many is a meaningful leisure activity and opportunity to socialize.

This portable Five-A-Side Soccer portable arena that was installed and facilitated by Africa United for the event can be setup in minutes. These arenas can be enjoyed by people of all ages and fitness levels, and there are no special skills required. It’s one of the best ways to bring people together in a fun and healthy way.

A total of nine teams participated in the day’s event with six teams registering prior to the event, using this event registration link and three teams joining on the day of the event. Almost 30 games were played until Ubuntu from the Somali Association of South Africa were crowned as the winners to walked away with the prize money.

GTP Five-A-Side Soccer soccer tournament
23 June 2018

Blanckenberg Walkway, Bellville CBD