One of the greatest challenges of urban regeneration in the Tygerberg region is the spatial inequalities that have been inherited from the apartheid era. The Partnership is aware of the unintended negative consequences that can result from urban redevelopment projects such as gentrification and displacement. We place a strong focus on inclusive and integrated regeneration with an awareness of the youth. We believe in the potential of the youth to move beyond inherited spatial and conceptual boundaries towards integrated and culturally-diverse public spaces. We have developed a number of initiatives that enable us to work alongside young people to generate and test urban improvement and activation projects and to tap into their wealth of bold, innovative ideas.

The vision for the area stretches over 40 years, so it’s important to recognise that any regeneration or redesign of the region will not only be enjoyed by ourselves, but will serve the generations that follow.

  • Give young people a voice in the regeneration of VRC
  • Invest in young people to overcome the historical spatial inequalities in the region and move beyond boundaries towards creating integrated and culturally-diverse public spaces
  • Include innovative young people in our team.
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Youth Engagement

In collaboration with Innovate SA, we are creating a culture of innovation where mind-sets are changed from dependency and hopelessness to a resounding “Yes, I can!” attitude.

We are exposing young people to design thinking to help forge a pathway of sustainable development through inclusive innovation.

This year we worked with Innovate SA to challenge school learners in the GTP area to design a public space intervention.

Twenty-one design thinking workshops were held at seven schools and a design competition involving designing a parklet (a recreational space the size of a parking bay) was rolled out.

A prototyping workshop involving the five team finalists was held and students were shown how they can be active participants in their environments. The winning parklet was installed in October 2.