Date project started:
Aim of project and outcomes

Create a natural link between North and South of the N1 Corridor. To transform the Elsieskraal River Green Belt into a safe and vibrant interactive soft corridor and promote non-motorised transport within the area.

The intended outcomes of this project are:

  • To link adjacent Parks along the river, this includes the Jack Muller Park and Elizabeth Park
  • To create and establish space for physical activities: Walking/ running and cycling routes
  • Space for social interaction (students, residents, workers and visitors)
  • Linking and setting up non-motorised routes from the Tyger Valley precinct to Bellville CBD and a link to the Hardekraaltjie sites
  • Built environment of furniture and water features with possible Wi-Fi hot spots
  • To setup environmental educational facilities/ gardens and protection of the river
Brief description of project

The project would provide a space to promote and protect the natural environment, enhance social interaction and provide an economic upliftment to it surrounding properties and incorporate Non-Motorised Transport routes and facilities such as walking, running and cycling. It will also decrease the crime rates in the area as vacant/ underutilised spaces attract crime, drug abuse, vandalism and dumping.

Image module

Elsieskraal River Green Belt north N1 (Magic forest) to south N1 (Bellville CBD and Hardekraaltjie sport precinct)