Regeneration efforts in any city are complex and dynamic. To realise the potential of the area, while facilitating inclusive and equitable redevelopment, we need to bring to bear the combined knowledge of all stakeholders.

We work with a diverse range of partners and stakeholder groups. Local residents, academics, artists, professionals and community leaders drive social and technological innovation that will have a profound and positive impact on the lives of all who work, play and live in the region.


Develop, test and implement new, inclusive ideas and problem-solving initiatives; and
Seek out and identify innovative opportunities for diversifying economic activity in the area.

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We want to foster innovation and creativity in the corridor by establishing a network of innovation enthusiasts and practitioners who come together regularly to share and accelerate ideas. Through an innovation assessment, we identified three opportunities for innovation that are unique to this area. These include wearable technology, urban agriculture and social innovation.


Tygerberg is home to organisations with the resources to lead national and international efforts in the research, design and development of wearable healthcare technology, together with the supporting business and patient management models. Outcomes of this project included the publication of an innovation booklet for Tygerberg businesses, and research on wearable technology opportunities.


Lobbying for and extending quality, affordable broadband and Wi-Fi access will broaden the scope for innovation and invention. Achieving this in key areas will: 1) bring globally competitive resources into public spaces, classrooms and lecture halls; 2) create opportunities for shared services in the medical profession that reduce operating costs and provide patients with a broader spectrum of enhanced services; and 3) enable new business practices and models that can be adopted to increase revenue, reduce costs and improve customer services.