Date of event:

30 June 2018 with regular events as an ongoing project

Aim of project and outcomes

As part of the GTP’s Social and Innovation programme, this project aims to establish a unique cultural and tourism identity for the Bellville CBD, and in doing so contribute to the strategic aims of the City of Cape Town through stimulating entrepreneurship and facilitating business growth within the cultural and tourism economic sectors.

Bellville CBD and particularly the areas adjacent to the Bellville transport interchange have over the last two decades become home to a large and diverse population of South Africans and foreigners, representing countries from as far as Jordan, Pakistan, Somalia, and others much closer, such as Angola and Mozambique. This presents a dynamic interplay between the deep-rooted history of the area and the vibrancy of its more recent international and intercultural characteristics.

This project aims to establish a unique cultural and tourism identity for the Bellville CBD. It also aims to revive the look of Kruskal Avenue by giving an unique look to shop by updating shop names with an unique branding which would provide a livelier and user friendly space for pedestrians. This has the potential to create significant business opportunities within Kruskal Avenue, as well as the upliftment of the precinct.

Previous projects that were completed in the build up to the Bellville market:

  • Know your Bellville Map (Entertainment and coffee walk)
  • Know your Parow Map (public art and food walk)
  • Establishment of a food tour (12 Mile Tour)
Objectives of the project
  • A deeper understanding of the cultures that interact in the Bellville CBD, how they express and enact their cultures.
  • Communication of the vibrancy, cultural potential and identity of the Bellville precinct that builds towards a distinct character of the CBD.
  • A greater sense of identity and community for those that live, work and play in the CBD.
  • Engaging those working and residents within the surrounding areas to walk and explore the Bellville CBD.
  • To give property owners more value in their properties through regular events and making them invest more into their properties.
  • The long term goal is to provide a unique opportunity to foster non-motorized transport, to improve accessibility and to maintain economic viability as well as contributing to lowering of the CO2 emissions.
Brief description of project

On Saturday, 30 June 2018, The Greater Tygerberg Partnership (GTP) hosted the first monthly Market, on the Teddington Walkway in the Bellville Central Business District. The Bellville Market was used as a free and accessible community engagement platform that aimed to bring about social change and community cohesion across all demographics. The event made use of a parking lot for activities, encourage public space use and create an accessible platform for engagement with local community.

The Bellville Market incorporated sights and sounds that made the day the most fun, sociable, and creative. Market stalls sold street food, artisanal bread, crowd-pleasing favourites like nachos and ribs, and sweet treats like slushies, fresh juice, and donuts. Bellville designers Richboy Clothing, YGEN and Mindmaze brought exclusive drops which were not yet available on their websites, as well as various accessories, arts and crafts stalls were present at the market.

In terms of entertainment, the GTP had ensured that there was something for everyone. Local band Tequila Train played live on the day, while the adults browsed the stalls and stocked up on the delicious fare.


Teddington Walkway, Bellville CBD

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