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Dec 10, 2019

MINUTES ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING:  03 DECEMBER 2019 – 15:00 VENUE:   New National Hotel, 352 Voortrekker Rd., Parow
Members:                            21
Directors:                            8
Stakeholders and guests:  22
In attendance:                    Kathy Petersen (Board Secretary)
Keynote Speaker:               Jean-Pierre Nortier, Development Director, Devmark
Apologies:                           Hein Ehlers, CEO, Devmark Property Group

  1. Opening and Welcome

The CEO, Warren Hewitt formally opened the meeting and welcomed everybody to the Annual General Meeting of the Members of the Greater Tygerberg Partnership NPC for 2019.  A special word of welcome was extended to the Members, the City of Cape Town Councillors present and the Directors of the GTP.  It was confirmed that the correct meeting Notice in terms of paragraph 13.3 of the Memorandum of Incorporation had been given to all Members and that the meeting was therefore legally constituted and this meeting was scheduled to give feedback to its members and other stakeholders.  A quorum was present as more than 10% of the GTP’s members were present either by representation or by proxy. (Refer section of the MOI).  The order of items on the Agenda were changed in order to allow for the presentations to be given at a later stage, once the technical issues with the audio and visual equipment at the venue had been solved. Warren Hewitt introduced the Chairman of the Audit, Risk, Compliance and Governance Committee, JP Bester to present statutory Agenda item numbers 3, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 11 on the Agenda.

  1. Presentation of Audited Financial Statements: 1 July 2018 – 30 June 2019

JP Bester summarized the Audited Financial Statements of the company for the period ended 30 June 2019 for members’ information.  Copies of the 2019 Annual Report containing the Annual Financial Statements were available at the meeting for the perusal of members.   JPB invited anyone who was present and who had questions to approach himself or WH at any time, and they would be happy to assist.   The financial statements were considered and noted by members.

  1. Update on the MOI of the Company

It was reported that no changes had been made or proposed to the Memorandum Of Incorporation.  

  1. Report back on the appointment of Directors

It was reported that the following Directors had resigned during the course of the year, since the 2018 AGM: Craig Kensley Rethabile Sonibare Two new Directors had been appointed, in terms of section 10.4 of the company’s MOI, by the Nominations and Appointments Committee: Gerhard Hitge Abdul-Rashid Essop  There were currently nine Directors: Justin Coetzee; Sanett Uys; Warren Hewitt; JP Bester; George Comitis; Larry Pokpas; Owen Mbundu; Abdul-Rashid Essop and Gerhard Hitge, details of whom can be found in the 2019 Annual Report. The feedback was considered and noted by members.

  1. Report back on the appointment of Auditor for the ensuing financial year      

JP Bester reported that PricewaterhouseCoopers had been appointed as the Auditors for the ensuing financial year.  It was noted that they are the current Auditors. The report was considered and noted by members.  

  1. Matters requiring non-binding vote by members

The Board was of the opinion there weren’t any matters requiring a non-binding vote from the Members.

  1. Chairman’s Report

Warren Hewitt welcomed and introduced the Chairman of the Board, Justin Coetzee.  He thanked the Chairman on behalf of the executive team for his guidance throughout the year. The Chair shared that, as the Chairman to the Board, it was his privilege to report on the past year.  Looking back at the founding strategy of the GTP, there were three distinct phases of development, the first 5-year plan ending in 2019 set the platform and basis for the rejuvenation, regeneration and reinvestment and the defence of this area against the downside of urbanization. 2014 to 2019 had created a strong network of partnership involving public and private sectors and civic organizations etc.  Towards the end of last year and at the beginning of 2019, the GTP had an organization that had mature processes in place; a functioning Board and Executive, a hard-working team, a loyal partner in the City, and the GTP is now an organization starting to bear fruit.  The next five years would be about accelerating the investment and the results.  The area of Bellville had seen a really significant investment at UWC with the Faculty of Community and Health Sciences, at the Bellville campus, as well as the re-energization of the corporate sector involved and investing in the community.  The Chairman observed that it had been inspiring to witness the Project Auction held at the GTP Conference where private sector (developers and corporates), and the public sector representatives had come together to support various local project initiatives.   The next five-year plan includes developments for the area, and the guest speaker from Devmark would present on the planned development called The Galleria.  In the next 5 years the GTP really wish to see major investment, with public and private sectors cooperating and leveraging the assets in the base that the Partnership and its Partners have created.  The Chair observed that the collective challenge is to support super developments responsibly and conscientiously, such that in the next 5 years the area looks transformed but responsibly so.   The Chair noted that the 2019 Annual Report document distributed at the AGM is a call for the continuous support from the public sector especially from the City of Cape Town.  JC thanks the City for their ongoing support. He also thanked the hard work the Voortrekker Road Corridor Improvement District had done as a partner in this area. The members of the GTP Board come from the Public Sector, City representatives as observers, Private sector individuals, activists, developers, academics, JC thanked the Board members for their continued support and voluntary participation.   JC also thanked the Executive CEO Warren Hewitt and his team for fulfilling the strategy and for making sure that this had been a very strong year.   The CIPLA Nursing Clinic facility, situated opposite the Bellville PTI had also been a significant collaboration between private and public sector. In the Annual Report one could read about some of the projects where the GTP had partnered with large organizations and initiatives. The GTP has also been proud of the repositioning, re-imagining and the rebranding of Bellville as a secondary city.  The Chair summarized what the GTP plan for 2020 will consist of: understanding and re-positioning by looking at the assets; the transport services, the clinics, the educational institutions, the fabric.  The Chair ended off by thanking the Board members and everybody present and encouraged them to be the “light” in our area.

  1. Minutes of the previous AGM held on 6 December 2018

The minutes of the previous Annual General Meeting, held on 06 December 2018, were considered and noted by the members and are available on the GTP website.

  1. Keynote Speaker: Jean-Pierre Nortier, Development Director, Devmark Property

Jean-Pierre Nortier, the Development Director for Devmark gave a presentation on the Galleria development and what is planned for the area around Tygervalley.  JPN stressed the need to the GTP members and stakeholders to market the area and change the perception of Bellville.  He stressed that there is incredible value in the area with amazing gravitas, and an integrated and significant community which needs to be unlocked. Warren Hewitt thanked J-P Nortier for his excellent presentation and advised that Devmark would be supporting a lot of the GTP’s initiatives.  In addition to the Cipla Foundation with whom the GTP had opened a Nursing station, this was another opportunity where the GTP would extend an invitation to have a public and private partnership model working for the community.

  1. Report back on the projects undertaken by the Partnership

Warren Hewitt advised that he was pleased to report that 2019 had been the GTP’s most successful year.  The GTP had secured funding from the City of Cape Town, and set our strategy and a vision for the next 3 – 5 years, submitted it and it was approved by City.  The GTP started building around that strategy by creating three main pillars; Connected Communities, a 24-hour economy and Facilitating Urban Transition. The GTP have elevated our involvement to a greater level by engaging with big developers, universities, the community, the public sector and the private sector.   The CEO presented in more detail the current projects and programmes of the Partnership. The report was considered and noted by members. 

  1. Membership update & Strategy

The Chairman Justin Coetzee spoke briefly on the Membership strategy which had not changed since the presentation at the previous AGM.  

  1. Matters / Questions raised by the Members 

The Chairman invited members to ask questions regarding matters discussed and/or to raise any other matter of concern. No questions were asked and the Chairman thanked Members for their participation.  

  1. Closing

The Chairman closed the meeting at 17:15 and invited all members and guests to continue their discussions while enjoying the refreshments provided. 24/03/2020