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May 26, 2020

Blanche Dibula works with Kwesu, a not-for-profit organisation that teaches women sewing skills, language and other life skills. Blanche has been working at Kwesu, helping to make fabric masks for essential workers in Bellville working on the frontlines of the COVID-19 support initiatives. Please support Kwesu, which helps Blanche and other women there to earn an income for themselves. Give them a hand up, and a round of applause. 

“I arrived in South Africa in 2014. I could not look for a job because I could not speak English. My friends advised me to join Kwesu. Kwesu accepted me despite the language barrier. I was given the opportunity to sit in a class where I could learn sewing and English at the same time. I joined a different workshop organised by Kwesu where I learned a lot and help me to understand South Africa and how to live in South Africa. They taught me how to sew, a skill that I thought I could never manage. This become a stepping stone as it helped me make a living. This skill allows me to make money any time when I am at home. I can do alterations every day.

Being able to speak English and with my sewing skills, I managed to get a job and earn an income and I became financially stable. I am grateful for my time spent at Kwesu.

During the lockdown it became stressful because I was struggling to feed my family. My savings were almost at the end when I received a call from Patricia about making masks at home. Wow, this was God’s grace! I live in Salt River, but Patricia brought me all the necessaries to make masks. She explained to me how she got the opportunity to work with the Greater Tygerberg Partnership. I am using this opportunity to thank them. Making masks really helps us in this difficult time.

There is a saying: “Knowledge is power”. The knowledge I gained from Kwesu empowered me and I became independent. 

“For even when we were with you, we gave you this rule: the one who is unwilling to work shall not eat” (2Thessalonians 3:10). I live by this principle. I am happy that I have learned a skill and I can work and earn to support my life, rather than sitting and waiting for someone to feed me. My bible is clear – no work no eating! 

I wish for Kwesu to grow and make more independent women like me. I wish it to expend and transform many lives in South Africa and worldwide. Long live Kwesu!”


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