GTP launched residential survey to find out more about the residents of Bellville

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Jun 4, 2019

The map above depicts the residential neighbourhood defined within the GTP’s residential survey.

Highlighting the importance of this inaugural survey, Warren Hewitt, Chief Executive Officer of the GTP says: “Our residents make up an important sector of our dynamic and ever-evolving area, and we want to hear their voices.

“We have one of the most diverse communities in the city, ranging from the many students who study and live here, to families and retirees. This is an opportunity for all our residents to tell us not only how they feel about Bellville, but what their hopes and dreams are to create a neighbourhood that they are proud to call home. The survey forms part of our programme to facilitate an urban transition for Bellville, as a vibrant, prosperous and inclusive city centre.”

The survey can be accessed and completed online via SurveyMonkey ( and will also be distributed in hard-copy form to residential complexes, student residences, retirement homes and door-to-door to freestanding homes during a four-week period, to run from Thursday 23 May until midnight on Friday 21 June 2019.

In exchange for providing valuable feedback about the Bellville people want to live, work and play in, the GTP is offering cash prizes to survey respondents,” adds Hewitt.

There are over R8 000.00 in prizes to be won by participants over the four-week period with weekly lucky draw prizes awarded to both online and hardcopy submissions. A grand prize of R4 000.00 will be given to one lucky participant at the conclusion. Winners will be announced via the GTP’s website ( and in the media.

The survey enables residents who live in Bellville and fall within a defined area of residential neighbourhoods around the Bellville CBD to express their opinions on everything from retail in the area to leisure activities, and to give their thoughts on what they would like to see more of or to be improved. The survey should take participants no more than 10 to 15 minutes to complete, and the results will be collated, analysed and then repurposed for various uses – all of which will be aimed at improving Bellville.

“Very importantly, though, we want to assure anyone who takes part in the survey that their personal information will remain completely confidential,” stresses Hewitt. “No one individual’s details or opinions will be put into the public domain, and no personal contact details will be shared at all. The survey will, however, also give Bellville locals an opportunity to sign up for things like the GTP newsletter, if they chose to do so, and enable them to be better informed about the area in which they live, work and play.”

The GTP intends to continue engaging with the community, to build up a solid opinion base of comparative data, as Bellville moves into the future.

“The GTP is focused on three key goals,” says Hewitt. “Firstly, to stimulate a 24-hour economy. Secondly, to build physically and virtually connected communities. And thirdly, to facilitate an urban transition to an inclusive, vibrant and economically prosperous area. We firmly believe this survey will move us even closer to achieving these goals.”

For more information on the survey, including how to take part, please contact the GTP on +27 (0)21 823 6713 or email