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Mar 26, 2020


We are experiencing a time of uncertainty, at best, and fear, at worst. That said, even in these unprecedented times, with the 21-day lockdown in full force, I believe it is a good time to question what we are doing to care for our community, and not just ourselves. 

First, and most importantly, I cannot stress enough the importance of acting on the right information, drawn from credible sources. The SA Government’s COVID19 WhatsApp line is easy to use and is very informative.
Simply send the word ‘Hi’ to 060 017 3456. You will receive the most up to date information about risks, symptoms and treatments. 

We urge everyone to heed the advice and guidelines delivered by President Ramaphosa in a collective effort to contain the spread of the virus. 

The second point is a call for collective care, particularly of the most vulnerable individuals in our community. Please look to your neighbours to see if they need help. Are they elderly or infirm? Can you help with arranging online shopping or home deliveries or medication collections? What can you do to help those organizations who are providing feeding schemes? And finally, how can you help your own employees — especially domestic workers on low incomes? Buy food and sanitizer or soap for them and their families, and give them paid time off to help them maintain the lockdown without fear of losing income. 

It’s also important to ensure that you and your own family stays healthy, so good nutrition and finding ways to stay active, mentally and physically while on lockdown, is very important. 

Businesses in Bellville have it within their means to support the health and wellbeing of our community. We urge you to be leaders at a time of national concern. Give your teams the flexibility to work from home. If they must be at the workplace, ensure they have what is needed to maintain high standards of hygiene and protection. 

Over the coming days we will be setting up a mechanism to find out what help people need and what help organisations can offer. Keep an eye on our social media platforms for more information. 

The GTP is still working, albeit that our office is closed while the team works remotely. If you need to get in touch, please contact us on

It is an important time in the world, for us to reflect on what is needed to unify, not divide our societies. We are in this together and I am confident that together we can beat the virus back and rebuild our economy together.