GTP at Work

Our mission:

To make our region one of the City of Cape Town’s most inclusive, vibrant and economically prosperous areas in which to live, work, invest and play.

Our vision:

To promote a partnership-based approach to local development through actively engaging local role players.

Our approach:

  1. Engage with relevant stakeholders
  2. Facilitate projects and programmes
  3. Implement decisions and plans
  4. Evaluate our progress and development

We are focused on maximising, promoting and accelerating Bellville’s potential as a mature, affordable and accessible urban area, and to lead its transition into a modern African city with a diverse economy and multi-cultural community.

Our primary role is to create partnerships that enable people to envisage and achieve what is really possible in Bellville. Through their support and collective commitment we are able to take that vision into reality. The GTP is a platform that can facilitate connections, drive engagement and find consensus between those partners, who operate in the private and public sector, academia and the community.

Our work is focused on the northern urban areas of the Greater Cape Town metropole.

The Greater Tygerberg region is considered a key area due to its central location, the amount of employment opportunities, the existing facilities available in the area and the existing levels of infrastructure.

Our operational boundary stretches from Goodwood in the west to Stikland in the east, and from Khayelitsha in the south into the Tygerberg Hills and northern urban areas, up to and including Durbanville Hills and its wine valley.

The Voortrekker Road Corridor forms an integral part of this area. It comprises the areas alongside Voortrekker Road from Salt River Circle through to the Stikland Bridge on the outskirts of Bellville. It is bounded by the N1 to the north and the R300 and Salt River to the east and west respectively.

We’re working to drive progress in Bellville, leading the transition from potential to prosperity.

Stimulating a 24 hr

Building Connected

Facilitating an
Urban Transition