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May 23, 2019

With landfills reaching capacity, waste is becoming a significant issue in our cities. For a city centre to be not only a pleasant place, but also a sustainable centre, it’s up to everyone to think about the impact they’re having on the environment. So we want to encourage people think about how they discard their waste, the importance of recycling, and how to reduce the waste they create in the first place. This is an important part of our efforts to facilitate an urban transition, for Bellville to become a leading African city, where people can live, work and play in a well-kept urban centre. 

The GTP recently launched Bellville Zero, an umbrella initiative to encourage residents and businesses in Bellville to reduce the amount of waste they send to landfill. 

Under the Bellville Zero campaign, we’re hosting various projects designed to reduce waste, encourage recycling and to move towards a zero-waste environment.

On 12 March, we hosted a community clean-up with Welgemoed Primary School, in Tielman Marais Park. We collected 75 kgs of rubbish from the park. We want to offer our support as a facilitating agent for similar projects across Bellville. Contact us if you want to host a #Trashtag community clean-up in your school or neighbourhood.

We’ve launched a zero-waste initiative with DF Malan School, in partnership with waste education organisation Waste-ED. The initiative challenges learners and teachers at the school to be more conscious of how much waste they generate each month, using a trash tracking app, building EcoBricks and recycling permissible waste into the recycling bins we’ve provided. The intention is for the school to be a zero-waste zone within a year. We’re aiming to roll out the initiative to other schools in the area. If you’re interested in taking part, please get in touch.

In partnership with MES, GreenCape and the VRCID, we launched the Trolley Project on 14 May 2019. This project empowers informal waste pickers, by training them to be waste entrepreneurs. You’ll soon see operators using custom-designed trolleys to collect recyclable waste from businesses in Bellville. Waste pickers play an important role in managing the waste in our urban areas. This project offers selected trained individuals a chance to regain their dignity and to earn a predictable income for their families while helping to reduce the waste mountain in our city. Check out our Facebook page for more details. If you’d like to sponsor a trolley or two, please let us know. Send an email to