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Feb 5, 2021


One of the great things about Bellville is its artistic and creative heritage. Many musicians, artists and bands call the city their home even while their talents have extended far beyond the city borders to be celebrated by audiences everywhere. Bands like Die Heuwels Fantasties, Fokofpolisiekar and Aking have put Bellville’s music on the map.

It’s time to bring some of that gees back to help celebrate another of Bellville’s icons: the clock tower at the Bellville Civic Centre.

We’re preparing to launch an exciting new campaign to raise funds for this project. The clock tower stands in the Civic Centre complex on Voortrekker Road, surrounded by a water fountain and expansive gardens. But the clocks stopped and the fountain was emptied years ago. It’s about time the structure is repaired.

Our dream target is to raise around R6.3m, which will deliver all three phases of the plan in full: working clocks and fountain, newly landscape gardens and the construction of an amphitheatre used for community events.

The clock is ticking towards the formal campaign launch in March, but we want to get a head start by inviting you to get involved now. We want to get the whole Bellville community involved in this campaign.


Watch this space for more about the campaign, but if you’re thinking about how you can help, the time has come. If you’re a business in Bellville looking for a positive project to support, please get in touch. This is an opportunity to get behind an initiative that’s a real sign of Bellville’s regeneration. Email the project manager Marcus Fourie for more details. Do it today: it’s never too late to support a great cause.