Going through the long list of necessary equipment used on a day to day basis in our practices, it was made clear to staff that we needed to do our part in reducing our carbon foot print, and cut down our involvement in adding to global warming. Under floor cage heaters, Dental equipment, x ray machines, and an underwater treadmill are only a few of the devices used throughout the day at Tygerberg Animal Hospital.

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Research was done to determine what the best route would be for our hospital to run at its maximum capacity, and still reach our goal. When driving into TAH Bellville, there is little chance of missing our new accessories. Our first solar panel was placed in July 2015 and was followed by 159 more panels, which successfully started working in September 2015.

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During sunny days TAH Bellville proudly runs off of 100% solar energy and during over cast days this amount can vary. Since September 2015 we have saved 776 trees as well as, cut down the emission of Co2 to the equivalent of driving 201,867 km.

We’re so excited to keep adding to the numbers, and to create a better environment for us all.