The Greater Tygerberg Partnership, in its efforts to facilitate the revitalisation of the Voortrekker Road Corridor, recognises the importance of public space and the role that this can play in not only creating an attractive environment in which to live, work and play, but also in terms of generating pride and ownership of an area and breaking social and cultural barriers.

The GTP would like to initiate activations and projects which speak to the people currently living and using the space, and which meet their needs for public space. Culture and public space are often intricately intertwined, and thus the main aim of this research is to assess what cultural/social activities are taking place in the space, what activities does the space not provide for, and how can GTP place- making projects align with the current social and cultural needs of the users of the space.

The GTP is inviting bidders to submit a proposal to undertake research which aims to understand the various communities and their social/ cultural practices and movement routes in the area in order to develop a value offering for Parow Station Arcade that can inform place-making initiatives and activations.

Download the full call to bidders here.