Chris O’Connor
Chris O’ConnorCEO
Chris O’Connor is the CEO of the Greater Tygerberg Partnership. As the CEO he is responsible for the success of the GTP. Together with the Board he assures the GTP’s relevance to the community and the accomplishments of the GTP’s mission and vision. His background includes being in local government for the 25 years spanning across social and economic development, planning and urban management, housing, community services and facilities.
Rachel Botsis
Rachel BotsisProject Manager (Packaging & Implementation)
Rachel’s projects are culturally centred, community oriented and creatively driven. Her particular task is to, whilst overseeing these projects, make sure that what we do always speaks to the benefit of the people whom we serve. Rachel by nature is passionately people driven, and thrives off culturally-complex projects. Through developing project strategy that is both creative and impactful, Rachel aims to uphold the values of inclusive and integrated regeneration. Interesting fact: though Rachel has experience in the NPO sector, innovation, and community development; her academic background lies in African linguistics, and she has a special passion for the isiXhosa language.
Bulelwa Mani
Bulelwa ManiReceptionist
Bulelwa is the smiling face and friendly voice of the Greater Tygerberg Partnership. Taking care of our front of house, she is the first person that will greet you whether you visit our offices or contact us by phone. Bulelwa is responsible for the office reception and administration duties, including switchboard, venue and calendar management.
Tanya Muller
Tanya MullerMarketing & Events Assistant
Tanya is involved in a range of marketing activities across both traditional and digital channels. As the Marketing assistant Tanya is responsible for creating content and increasing the Greater Tygerberg Partnership’s online traffic. She also has an eye for capturing moments and makes sure all important GTP’s events are recorded. Using her design skills she assists the team with promoting projects, events and services.
Lyle van der Merwe
Lyle van der Merwe Projects Planner – Development Support
Lyle is responsible for supporting the planning and execution of projects and initiatives which focus on the built environment, infrastructure and service delivery. His role includes planning, monitoring, collaborating and communicating with various stakeholders, existing or prospective, to ensure implementation of projects happen in a comprehensive and timeously manner. Further, he is responsible for providing professional support and information to property owners, developers, prospective investors and existing business owners to aid the development processes. Key projects which Lyle works on revolve around affordable housing, student housing and property development support.
Kirsten Sloth-Neilson
Kirsten Sloth-NeilsonProgramme Manager
Kirsten manages a number of the GTP’s projects, from definition to implementation stage. Identifying opportunities for collaboration and partnership building forms a key part of her role, in order to ensure effective relationships with relevant role- players and execution of projects. Kirsten is involved with projects which range from health innovation, the built environment and infrastructure delivery, upgrading and activating public open spaces, offering support to property developers and investors and fostering innovation in the Tygerberg region.
Monique Muller
Monique MullerGIS and Projects Officer
Monique assists with project planning and implementation through developing comprehensive project plans, co-ordinating and managing project implementation. She has a specific focus on economic development projects to improve quality employment, business growth and offering support to entrepreneurship. She also works towards value chain development in the Bellville CBD. She collects data, performs analyses, creates surveys and maps, and undertakes 3D modelling. She works closely with the community and business owners in Bellville to build a strong network of relationships with and between the existing businesses in the area. She is passionate about tackling the urban crime challenges to make Bellville a safe business precinct.