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The Greater Tygerberg Partnership Development Support Service Offering:

The GTP has in recent months taken on the role of a development support agent aiming to facilitate developments of high intensity mixed use along the Voortrekker Road corridor, as envisaged by the Tygerberg District Plan.

In the recent past, focus has been put on the lack of affordable quality housing for both the lower and middle income groups, and student population in the area. As seen in other cities, affordable housing can play a catalytic role in facilitating regeneration.

The Greater Tygerberg Partnership is offering its services to any property owner, property developer or stakeholder in the built environment of the Greater Tygerberg Area. These Services are described below:

  • The initial property(ies) identification and investigation includes undertaking research into the following:
    • Location of Site/s
    • Owner details.
    • Zoning and Land Use Information.
    • Title Deed documents and SG Diagrams.
    • Proximity of other developments or land sales.
    • Meeting with owner to set up potential land sales, if required.
    • Addressing issues hampering the feasibility of developments (i.e. parking requirements)

This will provide base information for a client as well as for consultants to conduct a high-level pre-feasibility study on the property(ies)

  • The GTP works closely with a group of specialised consultants to undertake high level pre-feasibility studies. This involves:
    • Consulting with City officials and obtaining site information such as zoning certificates or building plans.
    • Appointing a team of built environment professionals, who are familiar with the area to compile a pre- feasibility study on the proposed development.
    • Managing this process and assisting by providing a vast amount of local area specific knowledge.
    • Producing a report on findings of the study.

The GTP has made use of the consultants used on the study team on numerous occasions and the outcome is highly recommendable. The purpose of the pre-feasibility study is to assess the financial viability of the development which is based on the findings of specialist reports and an architectural sketch plan.

The GTP can extend these services to the stage of council submission. This will involve working with reputable consultants to compile building plans and other required documentation and studies.

  • Post feasibility support in development processes is a further service offered which includes:
    • Liaising with City officials and attempt to address issues arising from the feasibility study. (i.e. access, parking, development controls according to the City’s DMS)
    • Setting up and assisting with Pre-consultation meeting with various City Departments.
    • Assisting and championing administration issues if the need arises.

Due to the nature of this highly diverse and economically active area, the amount of “greenfield developments” is limited. Therefore we are taking on the approach of revitalizing the area through so-called “brownfield developments”. Previous undertakings have shown that especially in this area, the above approach is economically feasible and less time consuming for any property developer. The GTP is committed to delivering services of a high quality and which happens in a timeously fashion.

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