We are pleased to announce that the 2nd phase of the Art in Action programme has been completed. The final mural can be seen on the Southern Life Student Housing Building, Voortrekker Road, Parow. This is the 6th mural commission by the GTP in the area.

The mural was painted by Lwando Lese, a young up and coming artist from Site B Khayelitsha, who finds inspiration for his work through township life and often depicts colourful portraits of people. His style is a blend of realism mixed with bright vibrant colours and African motifs.

The Parow Station Road Corridor is a narrow and congested pedestrian walkway linking Parow Station to Voortrekker Road. Currently, the area is unorganised and houses informal trading stalls. Many of the buildings in the arcade are in a state of decay.

The Parow Art in Action initiative was aimed to change the space and the people as it builds relationships between the two. Intended benefits include a contribution to urban regeneration by stimulating interaction between artists, designers, city planners, business owners, residents and developers. Additionally the Art in Action initiative moves the experience of art out of museums and galleries and into public space.