The ‘Station ARTcade’ tour, a walking tour of Parow’s street art was launched on Wednesday June 22. The route features six murals by six different artists and has been a year in the making.

The GTP is promoting the Parow precinct as rich in diversity, and there is no better means to get residents excited about their space, than through art, ownership and place-making initiatives such as this one. The GTP is bringing art to the people and wants them to own the space they work and live in.

The area around Parow station holds a hive of activity and guests on the tour were shown all it has to offer. The artists themselves, friends, city officials as well as locals toured the area (mostly) by foot while vendors stared curiously at the new faces.

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Beginning in three taxis in Bellville, now marketed as the ‘food hub’ of the North, accessible through 12 Mile Tour, 30 guests were transported on a journey into the Art district of Parow, ‘Station ARTcade’

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The first stop on the tour was a mural by Lwando Lese, a young up-and-coming artist from Site B, Khayelitsha, who finds inspiration in township life and often paints colourful portraits. His style is a blend of realism, vibrant colours and African motifs. His work is on the Southern Life Building along Voortrekker Road. Other artworks include a mural by See-Saw-Do, Jack Fox, Conform, Freddy Sam and Chris Auret. Auret’s work includes the faces of locals who can be seen roaming around the Parow precinct on any given day.

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The last stop on the tour was Lydia’s Cafe, in Parow Street, where guests can taste local Congolese dishes.

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The project seeks to regenerate the area by stimulating interaction between artists, designers, City planners, business owners, residents and developers and move the experience of art out of museums and galleries and into public space.

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