The Parow Precinct is a visual reminder of one of the most important elements of urban renewal: the art of placemaking. Street art of varying forms has become recognized as an international trend, and as a trigger for societal dialogue. In the unique hub of Parow, the case is no different.

Hidden along the Voortrekker Road Corridor, Parow offers an urban cultural experience like no other. The multi-national community of entrepreneurs active in this area represent countries from as far as Jordan, Pakistan, Somalia, to Angola and Mozambique. The interplay between the history of the area and the vibrancy of its more recent intercultural characteristics sets the stage for a hub of diverse ethnicities and expressions.

These dynamic sub-cultures manifest not only in the cuisine sector, but in the colours of Parow’s avenues with striking street art all around. Parow is a symbol of urban beautification and regeneration through the best means possible: its own people who make their mark on their own spaces. Use this map to venture down to Parow, ‘Station ARTcade’ and join us in the celebration of diversity – the celebration of our people.

Download the map here.

Parow Map_Print

Parow Map_Print1