As a non-profit company, the Partnership facilitates the necessary partnerships and collaborative efforts between the private sector, civil society, academic institutions and all spheres of government.

Our vision is to facilitate the creation and sustained existence of a vibrant, thriving, desirable and value-adding economically prosperous area, inclusively and innovatively.

We identify opportunities for collaboration which attracts resources and unlocks economic potential in the area, showing that the region is a great place to:

  • do business
  • call home
  • visit for a unique dining, shopping and entertainment experience
The Partnership is an advocate for all those who make the corridor part of their lives – from businesses to workers to residents.

Currently, in collaboration with the City of Cape Town, we are focusing our efforts on the Voortrekker Road Corridor which has been identified as an Integration Zone.

We are able to use our network of stakeholders, localised knowledge and our role as an idea-generating research body to contribute to the City’s Voortrekker Road Integration Zone Strategy and Investment Framework.

While this framework will direct the local government investment in the area over the medium- and long-term, we are making short-term interventions that create a spirit of community, vibrancy and social cohesion in this inclusive and liveable African city.

Satelite view

Geographical Scope

The organically demarcated area includes the Voortrekker Road Corridor Improvement District, but also reaches wider into the Tygerberg and Northern Urban areas. It also includes all the areas previously incorporated under the jurisdiction of the then Tygerberg Municipality.

The Voortrekker Road Corridor comprises the areas alongside Voortrekker Road from Salt River Circle through to the Stikland Bridge. The area includes three zones:

  • Zone A: Bellville/Stikland
  • Zone B: Goodwood/Parow
  • Zone C: Salt River/Maitland

However, we don’t want to be too specific about the geographical boundaries as this may impact the flow of knowledge and action over boundaries.

The Partnership aspires to be the innovative, creative, learning and ideas generating body for the area. Together with our partners, we will initiate, plan, manage, coordinate and oversee the implementation of strategies and actions.