Welcome to the second blog in our Hero of Bellville Spotlight series. Our goal is to encourage, inspire, connect and promote people who are making a difference – or doing things differently – in the Greater Tygerberg area.

Our hero this month is Johan Potgieter, an entrepreneur with an eye for design and a passion to change perceptions of Bellville through his clothing range, Rich Boy Clothing.

Humble beginnings

After completing a diploma in graphic design, Johan started his career in the printing industry. In 2013, he felt the need for a new challenge in his life and decided to start a business that would enable him to express himself creatively while having a positive impact on the community in which he grew up.

Johan started out printing t-shirts and caps for family and friends. As the months passed, people started to show an interest in the brand and it quickly grew in popularity.

Influenced by Bellville

As an exceptionally passionate Bellville resident, taking inspiration from both architecture and people, Johan’s designs are all about Bellville, and encouraging people to be proud of their roots.

“Bellville is a beautiful city with a lot to offer,” he explains. “Its landmarks (The 8 Mile Post, Bellville Civic Centre, Burger Fair or Bellville Fair, and the Sunbel Building to name a few) have been a major inspiration in my designs. These are landmarks that are well known in the area and surrounds. They make Bellville unique. My main focus for this brand has been to uplift the community and draw attention to the quality coming out of Bellville.”

What’s next for Johan and the brand?

Johan wants to continue to change the perception about Bellville and uplift its community through design and entrepreneurship. The store is currently online only, but there are plans to open a store in Bellville and sell stock to bigger retailers as the brand’s reputation continues to grow. By doing this, Johan will create jobs and economic growth, while improving the reputation of the area.


Rich Boy Clothing at GTP Pop-Up Skate Park Bellville


Rich Boy Clothing and the GTP

So how does the Greater Tygerberg Partnership (GTP) help young entrepreneurs like Johan?

“I have interacted with the GTP on numerous occasions. They really contribute to the community in a positive way, laying the foundations for small business owners to network. They see how we can all make a difference in our community together and showcase how beautiful our area is with their various initiatives,” says Johan.

“If the community gets more involved in these projects we can all help take Bellville from strength to strength”.

“We love talking to and working with passionate people like Johan. It is refreshing to come across people with such energy, enthusiasm and passion for making a real difference in our area in their own unique ways,” says Warren Hewitt, CEO of the Greater Tygerberg Partnership.

Suggest the next hero of Bellville

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