willowbridge 2

What is your company called and what do you do?

Willowbridge Shopping Centre is a Convenience Lifestyle Shopping Centre with an unique offering including a Value Centre on the Northern side of the development.

How long has your centre in the Tygerberg region been operating?

Willowbridge Shopping Centre has been trading since October 2005 and has therefore been in operation for nearly 10 years.

Why did you think your company chose to build a shopping in the Tygerberg region?

Willowbridge Shopping Centre was initially developed as the then owners became aware of the rapid growth in the area. The quality of this growth was also clear considering the very affluent profile of the residents and office workers in the area.

What makes the Bellville metropolitan node a good place to do business?

The demographic profile of shoppers in the area, easy access to and from the main national road and the fast growing business hub in the Tygervalley area are all contributing factors to a good infrastructure for successful business development.

The GTP believes that a thriving metropolitan node and development corridor requires a connected, vibrant environment that is a welcome home to small, independently owned businesses, as well as large corporate companies, small-scale informal traders and national retailers.

Does your company work/connect with smaller businesses in any way? If so, how?

Although the typical shopping centre relies on having strong anchors, we believe that smaller retailers bring out the flavour in a shopping experience.  Willowbridge Shopping Centre is the ideal location for a small retailer who wants to differentiate him/herself from other small retailers by being in a unique location surrounded by other unique retailers.

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