1. What is your company called and what do you do?

Shapeshift is a digital marketing agency that assists its customer in the design, development and implementation of strategically thought through marketing solutions with the aim of creating unique user experiences that guarantee results.

By incorporating various strategies for integrated brand communications into our service offering, Shapeshift offers our clients personalised marketing solutions that not only show results, but in the long run show a good return on investment. By upholding this standard of personalised service and building on a reputation of successful marketing solutions, Shapeshift sets itself apart as a company to be reckoned with amongst competitors.


  1. How long has your branch in the Tygerberg region been running?

Since 2003, Shapeshift has been based in or around Durbanville.


  1. Why did you think your company chose to open a branch in Tygerberg region

The founding members lived in the area and at the time it made sense to be based here. Some years later, the decision had to be made to move to Cape Town or stay in Durbanville, but still we chose to remain in the area.


  1. What makes the region node a good place to do business?

Given the distribution of our clients from Cape Town to as far as Stellenbosch, we felt that Durbanville would be more central. There is much opportunity with new and established businesses alike and we enjoy working with the wide variety of people in the area.


  1. Does your company work/connect with smaller businesses in any way? If so, how?

Through the years we have always enjoyed working with companies from small startups to the very large corporates. All have their challenges and opportunities.