Welcome to our new blog series – The GTP hero spotlight. The goal is to encourage, inspire, connect and promote people who are making a difference – or doing things differently – in the Greater Tygerberg area.

Our first GTP hero is Carl Burger, an entrepreneur with a passion for property and the courage to invest in and challenge people’s perceptions of Parow.

Carl comes from an entrepreneurial family who encouraged him to seize opportunities and shape his own future. He studied Marketing and Branding at AAA School of Advertising before launching a luxury chocolate and cigar franchise with a friend.

In 2005, he developed a passion for property and in 2014, inspiration struck when Carl was presented with the opportunity to transform one of Voortrekker Road’s onced-loved hotels, the New National Lodge & Conference.

The perfect opportunity for an investor with vision

Built in the 1950’s by the Englishman Jimmy Taylor, the hotel thrived for many years and was once a popular venue for weddings and parties. Unfortunately, it became a victim of circumstance and, due to crime and neglect in the area, fell off the radar.

One of Carl’s favourite urban regeneration stories is the revival of Woodstock and the upliftment of Salt River. He was fascinated by the way people’s perceptions of the area changed, thanks to a few brave business owners who embraced the opportunity to create job opportunities and attract young professionals to the area.


The New National Lodge

Carl sees the same potential in Bellville and has positioned the New National to become a leader in urban renewal along the Voortrekker Road Corridor.

The hotel is now in the final stages of a complete renovation. With its smart, modern décor and clean finish, we agree that it has the potential to become a catalyst in the rejuvenation of Voortrekker Road and the Greater Tygerberg area.

An example for others with faith and perseverance

Investors like Carl are what make the Greater Tygerberg Area so exciting. We’re in the early stages of what promises to be a wonderful story of urban renewal. And why not? We have seen phenomenal transformations in Cape Town city centre and in Woodstock – would you have seen the potential 10 years ago?

Suggest the next GTP hero

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