On the 11 May 2016, GTP donated two Bokashi composting kits to Dunatos Remedial School.

Bokashi is a method of composting that uses microbes to decompose food, effectively fermenting it so that it doesn’t smell as it is breaking down.

The Bokashi kits were filled-up with scraps that were collected during the Bellville clean-up day. We then sprinkled the bokashi bran over the scraps, stirred it, and tightly closed the lids.  We handed it over to Dunatos. They will  let it sit for 7-10 days so the microbes can get to work. During this time, they will occasionally drain off any liquid using the spigot and use it as a compost tea in their food garden. Once the compost is thoroughly pickled, it will be buried in their food garden to complete the breakdown process.