We are excited to announce that Falko One has started his mural today, 6th February 2018, in our Bellville’s CBD area, and we invite the community to watch the wall as the week continues.

Cape Town-born street artist Falko One has no need for introduction when it comes to street art. His work is well known across boards and some argue that he may be one of the earliest and most influential street artists to hit the South African street art scene. In recent years, Falko has not only honoured walls in large cities but has also left his mark in unlikely places, such as small towns, Karoo dorpies and informal settlements all over South Africa.

We, here at the GTP often run a lot of projects and programmes toward community upliftment and one of the programmes we run is our Art in Action. We identify significant areas that surround thousands of individuals on a daily basis, from those that commute to work and back every day, to newcomers passing by the area. We then aim to bring life to these areas by adding meaningful murals that speak to the people and the space they are in, while simultaneously supporting local artists’ craft.

In recent years street art has left its mark in many cities, changing the perception of what “art” is, and showing that art does not conform to a specific genre and it is not only for the privileged but for everybody, anywhere. Often, the availability of walls and getting legal permission to do graffiti in urban spaces seems to be the most challenging for artists, especially in Cape Town, where legalised graffiti is not as popular. Nevertheless, Falko makes it look easy.

Falko’s favourite expressed artwork is elephants – Big, bold and vibrant elephants have become his trademark and can be seen in cities all over the world, like London, India, Johannesburg and Cape Town. Why elephants you ask? Simply because he likes it, and now the herd is coming to Bellville.

Falko one - 3