Greater Tygerberg Partnership GTP desirable spaces


Successful public spaces are accessible and provide a platform for activities of all kinds. They’re vibrant, comfortable and attractive, and are valued as important community hubs.

The Greater Tygerberg Partnership believes that public spaces should be sustainable, considered and equitable places which build community and enhance quality of life, adding value to the diverse fabric of city centres.

Our aim is to:

  • facilitate partnerships and activities that enable and sustain public spaces that are an asset to their communities; and
  • collaborate with designers and users of public spaces, to work towards transforming our public spaces into vital community assets that serve common needs.

Parow Station Road Precinct


Chris Auret

Identified as a key area which is used by thousands of commuters each day.

Art in Action was launched. Artists were identified and, to date, three buildings have been beautified with four murals.

Public Parks: Elizabeth and Jack Muller Parks

Parks are important social spaces that must be accessible, attractive and safe and which allow people to experience a sense of nature within a growing urban environment.

GTP has ensured the cleaning and maintenance of Elizabeth Park through a partnership with MES – a job rehabilitation programme.

We hosted a Movie in the Park at Jack Muller Park which was attended by over 400 people.

Elsieskraal Greenbelt

The Elsieskraal Greenbelt has been identified as one of our desirable space upgrades that aims at ensuring not only that the Elsieskraal river is preserved, but that the entire greenbelt can successfully meet the recreational needs of locals and visitors.

A development framework for this area has been initiated together with City Parks.

Kruskal / Teddington/ Kerkplein


Movie Night

Kruskal Laan has the potential to be a striking and vibrant pedestrianised space which encourages community usage and brings life and economic opportunity to the many people who work and live alongside it.

We have undertaken a number of initiatives with academic institutions, NGOs and businesses to identify the needs of all members of this diverse neighbourhood. The aim would be to identify and lobby for opportunities for mixed-use development that create living and work opportunities close to retail, transport and social amenities.

A social and built environment assessment was also completed by the Development Action Group to provide a better understanding of the needs, aspirations and potential for affordable housing in the area.