Across the world there is a trend towards urban living and a return to vibrant urban centres. These centres offer opportunities for meaningful work and create a sense of place and community through engaging, people-focused public spaces and streetscapes.

South Africa is no different, as can be seen from developments in Cape Town, Johannesburg and Durban. In order to compete on the global stage, the Tygerberg region should have a vibrant, world-class urban centre that attracts dreamers, thinkers and innovators.

Our aim is to:

  • establish the Tygerberg area (and the Bellville CBD in particular) as an attractive destination for people to work, live, play and invest; and
  • work alongside a variety of partners to stimulate and support initiatives aimed at advancing the aspirations of the entire Tygerberg region.

Creative Bellville

GTP fosters innovation and creativity in the corridor by bringing people of all sectors together in an informal manner to share, inspire and learn from each other.

We have achieved this through our monthly Future Tyger Creative sessions that focus on all elements of design and creativity. These, along with Triple I, allow us to create spaces which encourage creativity, foster the exchange of knowledge and provide a place robust debate.

Communications and Marketing

We have developed marketing and communications to promote the Greater Tygerberg Partnership and its stakeholders.

Partnership and Membership Development

A membership model and financing framework has been created to embrace the corporate sector and increase the number of members.

We distributed student maps to 30 000 students who move in and out of the area each day and held a Members Connect event targeted at members only.

The Business Breakfast Series with themes around property development, health innovation and
energy efficiency were also well attended.

Enhancing Mobility and Transport

The GTP has a vision for the voortrekker road Corridor that is not only sustainable but, more importantly, serves every person who moves in, out and around Bellville and the surrounding corridor. We aim to improve mobility for all by motivating for improved public transport options via bus, minibus and train.

Lobbying for pedestrian malls, bike lanes and more efficient public transport will help transform the area.

Within this programme we also established a partnership with Open Streets Cape Town, and undertook the first Talking Streets event. This was the first step towards preparing for Open Streets Bellville, to be held in the next financial year.

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Wellness sector 

The Tygerberg Hospital was officially opened in 1976 replacing the Karl Bremmer Hospital which currently still operates as a District Hospital for the region. The Tygerberg Hospital is the largest hospital in the Western Cape and the second largest hospital in South Africa. With a capacity for 1899 beds, it acts as a teaching hospital in conjunction with the Stellenbosch University’s Health Science Faculty. The Tygerberg Hospital services a drainage area in the Western Cape with a population over 2.6 million people. During the normal working day there are about 10,000 people on the hospital grounds. The full range of general specialist and sub specialist services include:

• Carel du Toit Centre for the Hearing Impaired
• Centre for Mental Health
• Clinical Nutrition and Vitaminology Service
• Clinical Retinal Laboratory
• Cochlear Implant Unit
• Complex Craniofacial Surgery Unit
• Department of Endocrinology & Metabolism
• Complex Radiation and Oncological Therapy
• Day Surgery Unit
• In-vitro Fertilisation
• Kidney Transplant Unit
• Laboratory for Human Genetics
• Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

• Neuropsychiatry Unit
• Open Heart Surgery Unit
• Perinatal Mortality Unit
• Poison Information Centre
• Postnatal Stress Disorder Unit
• Specialised Pulmonary Function Laboratory
• Tuberculosis Clinical Work Unit
• TygerBear Unit – Social Work Unit
• MRI with FMRI facility and additional 3t MRI machine
• Oncology
• Only Adult Burns Unit in the Western Cape
• Hyperbaric Oxygen facility
• 26 bed Private Ward

These services provide for advanced health care to all patients, as well as training of large numbers of doctors (under- and post-graduate) and all other types of clinical staff.