As part of its youth engagement programme, the GTP has partnered with Innovate South Africa to roll out the Bellville Box Challenge in the greater Tygerberg area and recently signed an agreement to roll out the Challenge for secondary schools greater Tygerberg area. A memorandum of understanding was signed on Tuesday 10 March 2015, to participate in this initiative please contact: Jonita Pasjar

Innovate SA is a non-profit organisation which provides a platform to ignite creative thinking, to nurture invention and encourage entrepreneurship among young people. Innovate SA is inspiring and empowering a cohort of young problem solvers that address challenges they truly understand and therefore are empowered to make a difference to the future of South Africa.

Bellville Box is a social innovation challenge which consists of high school learners from ten schools in the greater Tygerberg area who participate in a process to design and propose ways to redesign public spaces. Through participating in three design workshops, students will work in teams to design solutions and enter them into the competition. The top five teams will create physical models of their solutions which will be displayed at a dedicated exhibition.

From these one overall winning team will be selected by a specialist panel, and their solution will be manufactured lifesize with their input, finally being implemented in a public space in the heart of Bellville CBD.


To empower young people to solve their own community challenges through innovation and design thinking, and to enable them to be active participants in the design and upliftment of the Tygerberg region. Innovate SA base all of their programmes on the following core principles:

Innovative: When expecting others to innovate we believe it is important to be so ourselves. We try to do all that we do in new and exciting ways. It’s more fun that way.

Inclusive: Not only do our programs focus on youth from previously disadvantaged backgrounds, but they encourage the participation of community members. We create opportunities for the public to be involved at every step of the innovation journey.

Multi-disciplinary: Silos no longer exist in our world. We bring together concepts and skills from design thinking, the maker culture and entrepreneurship to empower the ultimate social innovators. Making: We strongly believe in the importance of learning through real-life experiences. “Learn to make and make to learn”.

Holistic: We provide a learning experience for youth that takes all the supportive elements that youth need into consideration. We strive to provide personal support, build self-efficacy and provide hard and soft skills to learners. It’s a recipe for success.

People-centred: Our design curriculum is human centred and needs based. Learners solve challenges they truly understand and own the innovative solutions that they come up with. This needs to be supported through meaningful relationships within their community.


  • Teaching problem solving and design thinking to youth
  • Giving youth a voice
  • Including youth from diverse backgrounds within the Bellville area
  • Including community members where possible
  • Design an inviting and useful public space in the Bellville area
  • Creating effective and sustainable solutions that are implemented


Considering these goals, the following benchmarks will be evaluated at the end of the program.

High schools from Parow, Bellville, Bellville South and Belhar reached

  • 10 schools visited repeatedly
  • 30 design thinking workshops held with approximately 30 learners at each school.
  • Involve all teachers from the CCDI design teachers network
  • Involve local universities, businesses and local government
  • Local media coverage
  • Receive 40 group submissions
  • 5 finalist groups selected
  • A successful prototyping event for finalists to build models
  • One high quality project implemented in the public space
  • A successful social media campaign to promote the project, the area and sustainability


25 March – 29 May: Ignition The ignition team made up of local volunteers will host 30 workshops with Gr 10 and 11 learners from specific schools, present the challenge and expose the learners to design thinking, public space design and green technology. The competition entries will be due at the end of the 2nd term on the 29th of May. These will be submitted to the ignition team members and returned to Innovate SA to process.

29 May – 12 June: Review The applications will be reviewed and the finalist teams selected and notified. 20 June: Final round The top groups will have a day of building models of their proposals. The best model on that day will be selected by the judges.

20 July – 2 October: Implementation The winners will work together with the maker designers to implement their winning idea.

3 October: Opening Innovate SA and GTP host an opening event where they enjoy the new space with friends, eat lots of food, listen to music, and take lots of selfies (see social media campaign below).

3 October – 31 October: Social Media Campaign The public makes use of the feature and takes selfies which they upload (#myBellville) with their ‘big ideas for Bellville’. Winners of the social media campaign can later pick up their prizes from the GTP Offices.


  • The finalists and winning schools will receive certificates.
  • All finalists will receive a goodie bag with assorted prizes.
  • Winners will go through the design and fabrication process with the contracted designers. Their names will be put on a plaque in the newly designed and contrcuted public space, and they get to have an opening party in the feature with friends and family.


  • We believe this is an amazing opportunity for learners from schools in our region to benefit through participating in a real life project that can have real life impact in their city. Participating schools would be required to:
  • Dedicate a class of approximately 30 learners to the learning and competition process, and make them available for three workshops during the second school term of 2015.
  • Support the learners where necessary by offering encouragement, insight and motivation outside of the Innovate SA workshops.
  • Buy into and champion the project, building excitement around the competition and the social media campaign so that the work of the learners is celebrated and shared with the school community.

We look forward to working with your school and together broadening the opportunities for our young people to participate in the design of the future of their city.