See Saw Do has completed their mural for the Art in Action programme. We asked them a few questions to give some insight into their mural and the work that they do:

1. How do you feel about street art in your current city/environment? (Do you like it? How does your work stand out from the rest?
We are super excited to be a part of the creative juices flowing in and around Cape Town. There is a lot happening and many designers, illustrators and artists are making a difference in our beautiful city. It’s great to see our city embrace public artwork and creative expression.


2. Why should young up and coming artist get involved in community art projects such as the Art in Action. (Why are you involved?)
Community based projects can be a great platform encouraging people to come together and collaborate across diversity and difference. Sharing a story through creativity has the potential to start a conversation and get people talking. A splash of colour and some out the box thinking can encourage people to look up and consider the spaces we live in.


3. Do you think Art can be used as a method of crime prevention?
That’s a tough question to answer because art is a broad term, however I think art can definitely be used to build community when it is inclusive, accessible and invites community to be a part of the process. Building a better sense of community may be one step towards crime prevention.


4. What’s the coolest thing that has happened to you as a result of your art?
I think the coolest thing is that we get to call it a job.



5. What would you consider being good street art?
Street art that has a strong design aesthetic is something that always catches our eye as well as work which considers the people and environment where it’s placed. Some of the names we follow include Jack the Fox, has and hahn, Boamistura and Remed.